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ABB Arc Cell Systems

We are a value added provider for ABB Robotics....

ABB IRB 4400 - Robotic Arm

View the New IRC5 FlexPendant Presentation

View the new IRC5 Arc Control Presentation

Collision Detection built in Feature Demo

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Obtain great production cost savings with these pre-engineered work cells. Save time and money.

Witness the Fastest Robot
In The World!

MIG Welding


Our value added services include job analysis, system design, fabrication, interfacing, testing, programming, fault recovery, and complete production simulation. These performance enhancements return your investment quickly and keep your systems up and running for years to come. Why?, Because our extensive engineering procedures are designed to match the robots and tooling to your specific job requirements. All systems are performance and compatibility tested well before your system ships.

Many of our new customers have come to us because their existing systems have failed and they can not get help. The robot supplier says "It's the welding machine", the welding equipment supplier says "It's the interface", the interface company says "It's the robot" and nothing gets done while you lose thousands of dollars in downtime and service charges. At Duesenburg Automation we complete the circle. When you buy a robotic system from Duesenburg Automation, you are assured of competent service from a staff knowledgeable in all aspects of industrial automation.


Please contact us for info or quote request. All terms are subject to terms and condition of sales.


These cells usually do not require PLC, we utilize device net I/O and Valves for the fixtures

Also utilize Multi tasking feature in the Robot for controlling fixtures