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All Industrial PC's  systems has moved to our special venture using Advantech systems.


Welcome to Duesenburg Automation


We are a high-tech automation engineering company serving the commercial and industrial sector. We are specialized in Motion, PLC, and Drives.

We also develop new concepts for automation and plant communications. We have all the tools and software to deliver a professional and outstanding performance at minimum risk to our customers especially by utilizing simulations and extensive testing.

We are also proud to add a line of software for simulating robots, for reach studies and programming. We have performed numerous projects with important fine details  and performed well under crunch time effect with success.

Duesenburg is also proud to be a team player with other partners to present a complete package to our customers, including vendor follow-ups and total integration including installation, panel building and service hookups in addition to our well known tool protection and error proofing systems.. 

Our area of expertise:

  • Robotic Mig weldersABB Arc Cell
  • Robotic material handling.  GENERAL ROBOTIC SYSTEMS
  • Servo motion controllers, various applications like press feeders, pick and place, flying cut-offs, transfer...Press Feeders..etc.   Motion System Technologies.
  • Complete CNC controls up to 99 axis and 8 simultaneous channels including Gantry systems.
  • HMI systems, Indusoft, RSVIEW32, WinCC.
  • Wireless shop, Remote Machine access.
  • Spot welders (Using Bosch mid-frequency systems)
  • Linear Servo actuators (Like Cylinders) to be used as benders, lifters, presses, servo weld guns...etc.
  • Custom Machining and Fabrications. 3D CAD/CAM
  • Service E-Store located by clicking here...


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" Imagination is more important than knowledge..

knowledge is limited.

imagination encircles the world "




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